Naked post gym selfy – week 2

John and his 5.5 inch cock

John and his 5.5 inch cock

John and his 5.5 inch cock

It’s my second week back at the gym and it’s been a very humbling experience, but I’m starting to feel a lot better so I wanted to update the site with some naked progress photos.

The lighting in my condo gym bathroom is very flattering, so I’m hoping to sneak all of my photo updates there 🙂

I’m having a lot of fun with this website. I feel very liberated and confident. There is just something amazing about showing off my small, flaccid cock. It just feels so nice to show it off to people who like to look at it. I hope you enjoy!

Ladies: feel free to add me to Snapchat @ thequicksilver

gentlemen: sorry, I don’t want to exchange photos lol.

Ps: if anyone at work has sees this, can you give out subtle hints so that I know? Thanks! I have a feeling someone knows and it’s driving me nuts lol