My first load in 6 days

There are times where I feel the urge to see how long I can go without jerking off. My record is either 10 or 14 days. I really can’t remember. This time around I went 6 days and I decided to take a video of it. Excuse my moans and groans, this orgasm felt super intense.

So I was Caught…

Hello viewers, thank you for your patience! I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I promise you I am still here.

I have a story to share with you! I was recently contacted by a friend of mine who is a former co-worker. Not only is she a former co-worker and a friend, I used to have  big secret crush on her. She sent me a message saying “hello” and it seemed super generic at first. At this point I haven’t heard from her in months, so I was curious as to what she had wanted. I responded and waited for her to reply and she tells me that someone who she wanted to set me up with had met me already. She said it was a small world. Right away I became a little suspicious because there is no telling what this person had told her about me. She tells me the name of the person and right away I clam up knowing I had given this person permission to tell everyone she knows about this website. Apparently they are best friends! Who knew!

The sad part of the story is that I will never know what her reaction was. I can’t even imagine to think what she is thinking about this website. I am very happy she took the time to make me aware of it, but I can only imagine what she thinks about all of this.  I couldn’t think straight for a few days knowing she had seen it. It was definitely nothing I was expecting. Do other people I know, know about this website? Gosh, if you do know me in real life, just send me a text or just say something. Please and thank you!

Here are some recent snaps of me! I have started hitting the gym more regularly again. I went through a breakup so all I wanted to do was hit the gym. Part of the reason I haven’t posted in so lon is because I just was not in the mood. I felt pretty busted to be perfectly honest. Aside from my former crush, guys have been contacting me about my website telling me how inspired this site makes them. They see how proud I am to show off my 5.5” inch cock and they feel a sense of pride in themselves as well. I like encouraging people to feel good about their body, so I hope these post brighten everyone’s day!

Thank you for watching and listening

John's hard cock

John's hard cock

John's short fat cock

John's hard cock


Measuring up to a 6.75″ Dildo

I figured it would be fun to see how i stack up against something a little bigger than my 5.5″ cock, so I acquired a 6.75″ dildo and and showed them off side by side. As you can see, the dildo is a bit bigger but mine is a bit thicker 🙂

5.5" cock vs 6.75" dildo

5.5" cock vs 6.75" dildo

And for good measure I thought it would be fun to see how my 2.5″ flaccid penis would look next to it. 

John small flaccid cock 

John small flaccid cock

Watch Snapchat videos of my 5.5″ inch cock cumming

I often get requests to make these, so here are a few videos of me cumming on snapchat. I wish they were longer but you know how snapchat is.

NoFap Challenge Day 10: Waking up with a hard, throbbing cock

10 Days have passed since my last orgasm. My cock is constantly throbbing, just hoping to get some relief. I wake up every morning to the sensation of a pulsating cock. Here is a snapchat video of me waking up with my throbbing 5.5 inch cock.

Watch me blow a big load after 10 days of NoFap’ing

Not too long ago I decided to stop masturbating. I wanted to see how my body would feel if I stopped touching my cock and denied myself the pleasure of feeling orgasms. I learned right away that this challenge would be very difficult. After only 3 days I felt an insane build up of pressure in my balls and all around that area. My cock was constantly twitching and sex was all I could think about. I decided to relieve myself after 10 days because the pressure was overwhelming me in ways I did not imagine.

Sorry for all the moaning… Blowing a load this big while standing really took a lot out of me. I hope you enjoy!