Heading back to the gym – Fully naked flaccid pics

Johns flaccid little cock
Back at the gym: day 1
Johns flaccid little cock
Back at the gym: day 1

Long time ago I used to be in great shape with an amazing body. I haven’t worked out in ages and I need to get back to feeling like I did in my 20’s. So here I am, completely naked for the entire world to see.

I plan on updating this website with naked progress photos to keep me motivated to looking better.

I will also mention that I am attempting to refrain from any penis stimulation for as long as I can manage. I am attempting another NoFap cycle. I am only on day 2 and my cock and balls are starting to swell up and throb. It’s going to be quite the challenge!





Have a Cock and a Smile part 2

Hey there! Thanks for checking on my website. A lot of you are curious about what a 5.5 inch cock looks like, and you have come to the right place. Here is my archive of naked photos for the entire world to see.I hope I can be the poster boy for 5.5 cocks everywhere.

John and his 5.5 inch penis

John and his 5.5 inch penis

John and his 5.5 inch penis

Watch Snapchat videos of my 5.5″ inch cock cumming

I often get requests to make these, so here are a few videos of me cumming on snapchat. I wish they were longer but you know how snapchat is.

My freshly shaved 5.5″ inch cock

I had just finished shaving my cock and it was looking nice and thick so I decided to take a few snaps of it. Enjoy!johns-5inch-cock-shaved

A Photo of Me Measuring My 5.5″ Inch Cock

I know I have posted a few pictures and videos of me measuring my 5.5 inch cock, but what does one more hurt? I rather like this photo.. In fact I look slightly larger than my usual 5.5 inches.

I also thought it would be appropriate to add the photo of my girth so you can see my full measuremeants. I am between 5.5 inches – 5.7 inches in  length and between 5.5 – 5.7 inches in girth. So I as wide as I am long.

Johns 5.5 inch girth
John’s 5.5 inch cock

NoFap Challenge Day 10: Waking up with a hard, throbbing cock

10 Days have passed since my last orgasm. My cock is constantly throbbing, just hoping to get some relief. I wake up every morning to the sensation of a pulsating cock. Here is a snapchat video of me waking up with my throbbing 5.5 inch cock.

Here is a photo of me measuring my girth.

Johns 5.5 inch girth
John’s 5.5 inch cock

So apparently my penis is as wide as it is long. I am about 5.5 – 5.75 inches long by 5.5 – 5.7 Inches wide. I haven’t jerked off in 4 days and it’s feeling very full right now so I thought I’d share it with the world.

Would be nice to hear from my fans. Text me or email me. Check out my contact page.

I truly love how liberating it is to be naked for all to see. I’m John and I’m proud to show off my 5.5 inch cock.

Here are some more SnapChat Videos of my 5.5″ inch cock.

My username on Snapchat is thequicksilver. If you are going to add me, please send me a message first. I would greatly appreciate it. Hope you enjoy. It’s also worth mentioning that I am on day 8 of my Nofap September Challenge, which means I have not had an orgasm in over a week. There is definitely a lot of tension in my balls and my cock is constantly throbbing. I usually take these videos in the morning when I wake up from morning wood.

Also, you can add me on kik johnnyquicksilver


Snapchat Video of Me Measuring My 5.5″ Cock

Enjoy a video measuring my 5.5 inch cock. Feel free to add me.

Username: thequicksilver

Please note that I only add females who have verified their gender with me. Sorry fellas