Another Intense Orgasm

I apologize for not uploading this right away. Back in November I went 7 days without an orgasm and decided to treat myself on my birthday. As you can hear and see, the orgasm was very intense. Hopefully you will forgive me for withholding this content from you for so long!
John's cock blowing a big load

John's small cock big load

Happy New Years to All of my Fans

Hello to all of my viewers! I just wanted to let you all now how much I appreciate you stopping by to take a look at me in my birthday suit.

In December of 2017, I made a decision to quit smoking. I was never one to smoke cigarettes but I did enjoy “puffing the magic dragon” if you catch my drift. After realizing how much money I was wasting, I decided that enough was enough. It’s been over 3 weeks and I have started living a clean life. Although there are a lot of side effects that happen once you quit smoking, there are also a lot more benefits. One of those benefits being horny almost 24/7 and having a cock that get’s a lot harder and thicker. That benefit alone is a good reason for anyone to quit smoking.  You can tell from the photos below that I wake up with morning thickness 🙂

I know I haven’t been updating my site as much and I apologize. I have compiled a bunch of pictures and videos that I took since my last update.

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John's cock cumming

John's hard, fat cock

John's hard, fat cock cumming

Take a seat on my cock

John's hard, fat cock

John's hard, fat cock

John's hard, fat cock

John's hard, fat cock

Cumming in the Morning

Some days I wake up in a horny mood and there is no way I can go to work feeling that way. So on some occasions I just have make myself cum before heading out the office.

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My first load in 6 days

There are times where I feel the urge to see how long I can go without jerking off. My record is either 10 or 14 days. I really can’t remember. This time around I went 6 days and I decided to take a video of it. Excuse my moans and groans, this orgasm felt super intense.

Small Cock Blows a Big Load

I was definitely in the mood the other day, as these videos will prove it to you. I lost track of how many times I jacked off that day, but I managed to film my first two loads, and they were quite thick. You don’t need a big cock to blow a big load. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.

John's small cock blows big load

Watch Snapchat videos of my 5.5″ inch cock cumming

I often get requests to make these, so here are a few videos of me cumming on snapchat. I wish they were longer but you know how snapchat is.

My freshly shaved 5.5″ inch cock

I had just finished shaving my cock and it was looking nice and thick so I decided to take a few snaps of it. Enjoy!johns-5inch-cock-shaved

NoFap Challenge Day 10: Waking up with a hard, throbbing cock

10 Days have passed since my last orgasm. My cock is constantly throbbing, just hoping to get some relief. I wake up every morning to the sensation of a pulsating cock. Here is a snapchat video of me waking up with my throbbing 5.5 inch cock.

Here are some more SnapChat Videos of my 5.5″ inch cock.

My username on Snapchat is thequicksilver. If you are going to add me, please send me a message first. I would greatly appreciate it. Hope you enjoy. It’s also worth mentioning that I am on day 8 of my Nofap September Challenge, which means I have not had an orgasm in over a week. There is definitely a lot of tension in my balls and my cock is constantly throbbing. I usually take these videos in the morning when I wake up from morning wood.

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Snapchat Video of Me Measuring My 5.5″ Cock

Enjoy a video measuring my 5.5 inch cock. Feel free to add me.

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